KH Street Saddles and Straitline Platform Pedals

For Sale: Straitline Platform Pedals (extra pins a bushings included). These are used and came on my KH26 when I purchased it. I don’t use these, I am using a different type. Scuffed up but still decent condition, what is pictured is what you get. They run from $108 to $160 new. I’m asking $55 plus shipping.


KH Street Saddles, brand new I took the wrappers off thinking I was going to use them but they were not what I wanted. $45 shipped US only for saddles.

PM me if interested. Thanks.



Saddles are sold, pending payment

Saddles are sold, thank you.
Pedals are still up for grabs, hit me up if interested.

Pedals now $45.00 shipped, pm if interested

Forgot to check this section, bummed I missed the saddles!

Pedals interested and bought, thanks.