KH Street saddle

Does the KH street saddle have the same base that’s on my torker DX?

yep, i believe all unicycle saddles (except carbon fiber ones and maybe a few custom/weird ones + toker LX saddle and myata) use the velo seatbase.

but the DX and the KH street definately have the same bolt pattern so the KH seat will fit on your DX.

I was thinking of cutting the foam real thin an putting a bike short chamois on top to make it a gel seat. would this work? and how thin is the KH seat?

EDIT: woah, scary! You posted the same time I did

uhm well the KH seat is about 1inch/1.5inch thinner than the DX seat

an dyeah that would probably work, you’d just have to be carefull how you take it off. Maximus did a nice thread showing how to thin your DX seat.