KH Street saddle and post

I am in the market for a KH street saddle and seatpost for my new 27.5" Guni. If you have any recommended alternatives to this choice for distance and mild urban riding I am willing to consider them. Looking to spend less than new and ship to Long Island.

For reference I used to ride a KH fusion Freeride on my 36er. it was comfortable but fairly bulky. I have an impact naomi that I find painful for lengths of time, and the standard UDC saddles are fairly decent on my current 29" just too flexy.

Wanted 125mm moments

I am now looking for a pair of 125mm moments to replace the too long 135/165 set that came with the schlumpf. Or alternatively if anyone is interested in that pair I’ll sell them for $60 plus shipping

Hi Delta, Would QU-AX 125mm ISIS cranks work with Schlumpf, and for you?