KH Street foam insert

just wondering if theres anyone out there that has a KH street foam that wants to sell it. I got the freeride and i dont want to cut it down in case i dont like it so if you got any reasonal offers PLEASE let me know.
thanks, Jacob:)


purty please!!

I wish I could help you but have a shortage of seat foams myself.

You could try using a completely different foam and keeping your FR foam intact. You might want the foam to be a bit firmer anyway if you are going thin.

I would use a different foam but im out of seats, they are all being used at the moment.

I got a miyata foam on an old KH i could try out but that foam sucks so bad

Bump goes my post :stuck_out_tongue:

you could try a little bit of car seat foam

if you look around you can usually find a foam store. you can usually find them in bigger cites. a good one will have literally a ton of foam, all in different sizes and “stiffness”, maybe even memory foam (now that would be a cool seat).

i have a seat already so thats not the problem.

I dont want to have to make something like a seat foam but if no one has anything i prolly will end up doing that :roll_eyes: