KH Spirit ISIS 137mm cranks

Looking for a decent set of Kris Holm Spirit cranks of 137mm.
Preferably in Europe due to shipping and import costs, but if the price is good worldwide could be an option :wink:

Still searching for these cranks :slight_smile:

I think @bouin-bouin has some unused 137/165 Spirit cranks but I don’t know if he wants to sell them :thinking:

Thanks, but that’s not going to work. Want to use them for trials and the extra hole doesn’t really add much value :slight_smile:

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I used to have them as KH Moments, not sure I still have them. And anyway, I’m in Australia.

if you got a grinder you could take off the last hole and have just the 137s. might not look as clean as the factory 137s but if you take your time you could make it work without too much trouble

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