KH Spirit Cranks

One for the Blighty crowd…

I’m looking for a pair of Kris Holm Spirit ISIS Cranks 110/127mm or just 110mm

Does anyone have a pair they’re not using that they’d like to sell me please?


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Any interest in 117/137 without disc mount?

Thanks for the offer but I’m specifically looking for the Spirit Cranks with disc mount.

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I could be but it will depend on how expensive shipping to France would be.
As it is slightly off-topic, you can PM me.

I’ve got some brand new 117/137s with a disk mount that I might be prepared to sell if you’re interested.

I’ve been sitting on them as spares for a while now but I’m not sure they’re ever going to get any use.

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I’m very keen, thanks!

My lord they’ve got expensive haven’t they… I can see why you’re looking second hand.

DM me and I’m sure we can sort something out.

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I’ll PM you later when I’m home

Hey did you get my pm? I’m grown up on fb… its hard for me to understand this platform

Yes, got it and just replied :wink:

I’m still looking for 110mm if anyone has…

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