KH Spirit 110/137 cranks

Looking for a set of the KH dual hole 110/137 cranks. I’m looking for the ones that are drilled for attaching a disc rotor to. I think tey all are, but just to be sure…

UDC is out of that size and is not getting any in until spring. So, if anyone has a set lying around that they aren’t using or decided they don’t like, let’s talk. I’m open to outright purchase, me buying a set in different lengths and shipping 'em to you (plus or minus a few buck for changes in condition of cranks), or other arrangements.

Or, if someone knows of a shop that has 'em in stock, let me know. I’m not sure I want to deal with international shipping, but who knows, if the price is right…

Still lookin’. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

UDC Canada Has 'Em

UDC Canada has them in stock. I just bought a pair in a different size. Shipping was about $15 and took about a week.

You had no trouble with international shipping and the infamous “brokerage fees” I have heard folks getting stuck with?

I was hoping for a used or US source to avoid those hassles, but maybe that’s my only option.

If you mean 110/127 Compulsion has them, but no 117/137.

Nope. really want the 110/137. They’re going on a 29er, so 110 for road and 137 for steeper canon climbs and muni. I want the bigger split than the 110/127 gives.

Thanks, though.

I didn’t get hit with anything like that. Just about $130 after the exchange rate.

Thanks, Moron. (Sounds very odd to say that when expressing gratitude. :o)

I’ll take my chances with shipping from Canada and see how it goes.

If you’re wondering why you can’t find any it’s because they have been discontinued. Kris Holm said so in a reply to someone on the facebook group unicycle chat.