KH spares

Hi everybody!
I have some things for sale. So, write me an email (cblemur at gmail dot com) if you want something.
KH moment cranks 150mm (40€)
KH rollo discs with screws (new) (10€)
KH adjustable seatpost 25,4mm (new) (20€)
KH reinforcement plate (10€)
KH 26“ frame 2011 (80€)
KH seatpost clamp blue (3€)
KH spooner 2x (1 new) (8€)
Magura HS 33 white (50€)
ECHO brake clamps aqua blue (10€).
Shipping cost is not included. Everything is 100% ok. :sunglasses:

It seems you have just about everything for a full uni except rim and tire. Im interested but i live in cali. Maybe you could message me some pics?

Cali is California? The shipping cost to California (2kg) is 20€ plus bank transfer.


saled everything!