KH signatures

This is mainly for people with KH unicycles, but if you’re familiar with them hop right in. As I was looking into a KH unicycle, I noticed that his signature is on every single piece of KH equipment. My first question is How many times is his signature on a standard KH uni and my second question is how can this guy get out and ride if all of the time he puts into unicycling is wasted sitting at an assembly line in the factory with a pen in his hand???

im pretty sure it is 17 sigs

From reading previous threads on this subject, I think it is 16 times.

It is something I never think about though, nor do I think it is a big deal.

I don’t remember. Plus I replaced some parts with stronger, softer, or better looking ones.

He does not sit and write on every part, his signature is etched onto them with a laser…

I must ask Kris if he can come and sign my KH24 again. It’s gone now and I want to paint it on again over the lazered bit.

I know he doesn’t do this it was somewhat sarcasm and somewhat a joke. Besides, it would be impossible for him to do it anyway!

don’t joke with james; he likes it fast, on time and politicaly correct :wink:

You know that!

any fool who has a coversation with you does! :sunglasses:

2x on the rim, 2x on the frame, 2x on the seatpost, 1x on the seatpost clamp, 1x on the saddle, 2x on the cranks

1x on the frame, 8x on the hub (4 on each flange)

I think that’s about it… and I thought I was vain :stuck_out_tongue:

This dossn’t change a thing :wink:


If the component’s weren’t sold separately, there is no way that I would put this many logos on the unis. But they are- so everything needs a logo. Maybe I can try to go through it systematically and see if I can’t keep the logos but make them less high profile.


Koxx, Nimbus and Qu-ax brand almost every product as well, you only see all the logo’s if you’re looking for them anyway.

Nowt wrong with it imo - it’s a brand logo that just happens to be a signature!

A larger company would have had a commitee decide who to outsource the contract for the creation of their new logo to.

Be glad this activity involves dealing with individuals who will answer you in person on a forum…

hahahahahahahahahaha it’s funny because you are right! Shame James barely rides one wheel now he has a moped and Pit Bike.

Just don’t mess with the crank logos, those are beautiful!

my couple cents:

maybe put the seatpost logo up at the top near the plate and horizontal, so it is a little more discrete.

get rid of the hub flange cutouts! (not sure if those count as logos)

Also, have you thought of just having a simple “KH” on parts like the hub and seatcover? That would make it a little more clean looking, and unicyclists would still know what it is.

IIRC, those cutouts are there to keep the manufacturers from selling “knock-off” hubs.

Yeah I really like them, the sign give the crank a special look