KH Shin Guards

I ordered a pair of KH Shin Guards. According to the guidelines on I’m a size XXL.

And in deed the length of the guards is dead on.

My only problem, my legs don’t have the circumference of a tree trunk. The velcro pads are placed thus, that I cannot tighten the guards around my legs in any way. I’m afraid I’ll have to sew on my own velcro pads to fit them to my leg.

To be continued …

If you were American they would probably fit you fine.


People must be oddly shaped in your distant, exotic culture.

Here are my velcro modifications. As you can see the original hook pads hang on uselessly.

I think I will cut them off as soon as I have the materials to seal the endings of the elastic bands.

Hi Kamikaze
Don’t cut them! I’ve had the same problem with a second hand pair and assumed they had just stretched but you’re right, they are on the generous side. I have just doubled up the elastic and put a few stitches through with strong nylon thread to shorten them. This does require a thimble as the pad is quite tough. Advantage being, after you’ve developed huge muscles in your legs from monster ascents/descents you can just snip the threads to lengthen them.

I don’t think they’ll ever grow this thick. My muscles are always on the lean side.

But I’ll probably be too lazy to cut the old pads away.

Anyway, I got some sew on hooked pads, thicker thread and jeans needles for my sewing machine. I’ll just cover the full length of the stretch band.


Oh, I forgot to post pictures of the completed mod!

I’m at a conference and will get someone to make pictures later (took the KH20 and shin guards with me).

Here are the completed pictures. It’s not a pretty job, but I had a hell of a time to get the sewing machine to sew those on at all.

As you can see the original pads are completely useless. I decided to cover the entire stretch band with hooked pads.