KH Seats

Does anyone know how to tell the difference between the 2nd and 3rd generation KH seats without taking them apart and looking at the plate inside.

X-ray vision!

I have both. My second generation seat is torn apart after being snapped, but before I opened it you could easily tell the difference without X-ray specs. The second generation seat is much wider at the front than the third generation. If you only have one seat, if the front of the seat is barely wider than the front handle it might be third generation, and if it’s a bit wider then it could be second. The third generation seat seems to have softer foam, and flexes less than the second, apparently due to having thicker plastic on the base. Also the way the date is written is slightly different. On the third generation it is easier to tell when the seat was made due to these circle thingies with numbers molded into the plastic base, with an arrow pointing to the date. The second generation saddle has numbers in circles, but without the arrow pointing to the number. Sorry if that is a bit vague, but my new seat is out on loan as a learner, since I have my CF airseat on my MUni. The other main difference is the cover material. The old one was less shiney. Hopefully the new shiney stuff won’t pull from underneath the staples as much.