KH seats

Does anyone know where you can buy the new KH seats with the thicker plate inside? My last one broke in half and the seat is now ripping off. Also is there anyway to strengthen the seat other than the thicker plate?

you will be able to buy a Carbon Fibre replacment base soon. You wont break that. :slight_smile:

Roger, someone might break it. The same thing happened to my old one, which was apparently a first generation seat with the feeble base. I have a CF airsaddle now, but I also got a replacement KH seat which was made in August, a third generation seat. It’s quite a bit stiffer, and narrower at the front, and uses softer foam padding with a different fabric cover. Hopefully it won’t need a stiffness fix, but I have seen a couple of methods suggested. Ben (with a KH 24) plans to rig something up with his seatpost protrusion which mounts the brake. You could also weld an extra plate on like so:

kh velo flex fix.jpg

Ha, yes of course Ryan can break it. He seams to be able to break anything. But the CF base should give a light stong solution and I should say reasonably unbreakable.

For reinforcement using the brake extension check out what we have done with on our specials… we have just put a tag off the end of the brake extension tied to the rear front handle bolts. Easy and strong solution without adding much weight… and before you ask, it is not a standard product at the moment.


What does he do with his unis? Ride over them with cars or hit them on walls? And how can he afford it?

Well getting a new miata seat with a cabon fibre base is out of the question because of money problems so I’m gonna have to go with a KH seat. But the problem is that they don’t have them at yet and I need one soon. Could you tell me where you got yours?

I got mine from Tony Melton on the NZUni weekend in Wellington. Tony, Peter and Steve came there representing and brought all sorts of tempting goods for NZ Unicyclists. I assumed that if Tony had them then in USA must also have them, I’d say they should get more sometime soon. I don’t know of any alternative stores, but there probably are places. Anyone else know who has stockpiles of new KH saddles? Roger probably has a stash of them.

Thank you Roger. :slight_smile:

Is this an after-market item or are the seats going to come from the factory with the CF base?

The Carbon Fibre seat bases are designed to replace the plastic base (without the steel) on the Kris Holm and Velo Freestyle seat. We will be supplying the base without holes markes or drilled as we do with the Miyata saddle. We (ourselves and Kris) have been hoping to supply these with tapped inserts in them to just screw streight in to… but on currect cost estimates it will tripple the cost! so for the moment I think it is the best move to produce something that will cover us for the moment.
We have discussed having the seatbase produced with the carbon fibre seat base fitted. Lets see if this is possible and what it will cost… isn’t it fun, what will happen tomorrow :slight_smile: