KH Seatpost

Snapped the plate on my seatpost. Figured I’d check for any used Kris Holm seat posts (possibly + saddle?) before welding mine back together. Used preferred.

It’s an old Miyata Flamingo. Will check the diameter when possible.

Right now, I’ve got the original seat post welded to another tube as an extension.

You’re looking for a 22.2mm seatpost.

Worried the plate is aluminum for I haven’t access to aluminum welding equipment.

Seeking any 22.2mm seatposts! Please tell me what ya got.

Thanks mate for the diameter info.

is cheap, and long. The only problem is that it’s the wrong mount for a Miyata saddle. It will work with any of the modern seats that use the Schwinn bolt pattern such as the KH, Nimbus, Velo, and Coker saddles.

any else info

any else info about that ?

with the cheep 22.2mm seatposts it pays to cut the very bottom off then ram a wooden dowel up the length of the seatpost.

I kept bending and denting my skinny seatposts before I did that.