KH seat

Hi, I’m taking my (3rd gen) KH seat apart to fix it because one of the bolts has broken off.

It’s quite a mission to take all those staples out without damaging the fabric. I’ve got about half the staples out at this point.

I’m considering replacing all the bolts with (5mm) allen key bolts so that I’ll be able to get at them more easily in the future (Gizmoducks idea - thanks gizmoduck).

Any general pointers would be handy.


I have no real pointers because ive never taken mine apart. Take pictures of the guts if you can, ive never seen the inside of the kh

Someone has taken their KH apart and has a bunch of pictures. Search the gallery. I forget where it is. I know there is a TON of glue inside.

Re: KH seat

Hey Pete,

Make sure you have some method of anchoring the bolts to stop them from spinning when you put the new ones in.

Be interested to see how it turns out.

Ken :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you just need to take off the cover with needlenose pliers, tweezers etc. Then you’ll have this plate with wired crap on it. Take that off and you’ll see the back of the bolts. You can then replace them with whatever you want. Then you put something on top of the bolts to keep them from spinning. I think people say duct tape works.

Matt (Myocardial) has a good sequence of photos HERE


I took apart my broken 2nd generation seat and I would not want the task of putting it back together. I can’t imagine the cover would ever sit as snugly again after you have ripped it off, although I could be wrong. What were you doing when you broke one of the bolts off Pete? Good luck in the fix mission, those seats are not cheap to replace. My 3rd generation KH seat is holding up fine, but I haven’t put it to much use. I think I prefer the Carbon fibre airseat, because it is more rigid and the reeder handle is better for my fingers, but I am not sure whether or not the KH seat is more comfortable or offers more control when I’m not hanging on.

Kris Holm mentioned the newest edition will have a removable cover, thicker rounder handle. Anyone know when these will be available?

mm thats a lot of glue on the inside ( referring to pictures mentioned above.) I hope you are prepared for this. I think the new seats and all come out sometime in march

I think the new version seat will come out when the KH 20 and 24 2004 models (aluminum I hear) come out. Not sure but I’d say April.

I need to buy a KH seat for my new Summit. Viscount doesn’t cut it for trials. If its march or april maybe I’ll wait.

On next to the KH24 it says "(Out of stock until March 2004)…so I’m guessing that when they will replace them with a newer model. How do you think the price will differ with these newer supposedly aluminum nubless KH24’s in relation to the old model.

If the reason it doesn’t work for you is because of the lack of handle, you could always try a reeder handle. I have one on my MUni and I imagine it would work well for trials. Also there are many riders who use the reeder/viscount set up on their trials. The handle is pretty cheap so if you dont end up liking it you could put it in storage until you find a need, or put it on a muni or sumthing. Or you could just wait for the KH…

The Reeder is $40 on! That’s not cheap.

Should one of the handles have been the kinport handle? I’ve just put one of those on a fake viscount, and it does the job nicely. £14 instead of £30 for a reeder on this side of the pond.


I don’t know if a Miyata handle will fit on a Viscount. I don’t think so.

oops when i was thinking of the price of a reeder i had the GB4 stiffener plate in mind for some reason, i was thinkng $10 sorry…

Re: KH seat

I’ve kinda aborted this mission for now coz I haven’t really got enough time and my seatcover is so nicely attached and I suppose I can manage with 3 bolts for now.

As for how it broke, I was tightening it with a spanner and it broke off. Had the same thing happen to one of my seat clamp bolts (allen key), seems to be pretty weak metal coz I don’t exactly try very hard… and i’m not the strongest bloke in the world.

Onto a new question, I’m thinkin of either gettin a new fat rim and tyre for my old 20" (but then I have to put up with stupid rounded crown)… or else a whole new unicycle, a NimbusII Trials, Onza Trials or KH Trials. The nimbusII has a nice price (NZ$450) and seems to be tricked out with the right gears too, anyone think I should go for Onza (NZ$1500) or KH (NZ$1000) instead?

Is there a new KHTrials Uni coming out soon? What new stuff will that have?