KH seat??? Street or Freestyle

well my seat broke the other day so i am looking at a new seat and was wondering what the differences was between
is i cant see any visual differences, what would you recomend for someone doing flatland/trials/street?

The pictures on the web page are the same for both seats. (bit confusing) The 1st one (free ride) is quite a bit thicker than the Street and is more suited to muni or distance riding. The Street model is much thinner and less padded and is more designed for street or trials riding.

Both are excellent seats but you will need to decide what type of riding you prefer most in order to make a decision.

i agree. The street seat is very hard at first, but you get used to it eventually. My first one is actually quite a bit harder than the 2nd one I got.

the free ride is very comfortable, but IMO too soft.

if you ride street or trials get the street, otherwise, get the freeride.