KH seat problem

I got my KH 36 today. Yay. When putting on brakes, one of the thread things for the bolts, under the seat, moved out of the correct position so I can’t tighten that bolt. I’m trying to take the seat apart to get it back together. Any suggestions (if you understand what I’m talking about)? I’m having frustrating issues with it. .

My friend today has had this exact same problem. Seams there could be a problem with the new KH free ride seats. In saying that i have not had issues with mine. Can only suggest pulling it apart to try and fix or return seat for warranty.

I got the problem resolved. I had to take the foam off (tore it up some but it seems okay) and put the thread doohicky back in place. Then I taped it in place and put it all back together. What a pain. It did go together and feels good to ride. This was a learning experience. I think the problem happened because when trying to put the bolts in, I unknowingly was shoving the seat cover into the threads. I wish I were better with wrenches and stuff.

This has happened so many time its not funny. all UDC shops should have replace bolts if you have destroyed the ones you have. I’ve had to replace 2 going on 4 soon. (I have glued mine in)