KH seat post question

My KH seatpost is coming loose right where the rail adapter connects to the seat post, how is this connection made and can it be tightened back up .

unfortunately this is the failure point of KH posts, I don’t think there’s really a way to fix it, just email kris and ask him for a replacement. If not, buy a thomson seat post and don’t look back. :slight_smile:

finally someone spelled it right!

but seriously yeah, what they said.

thomsons frickin rock! Got one on ebay for like $20, next year I’m getting the DeRail base for it!

Can the connection be Tig welded?

It will ruin the heat treating of the aluminum and you’ll never get back it’s previous strength, that’s just the bothersome qualities of aluminum. You can try it, but I don’t know how long it will last.

i would suggest jb welding the thing in place and drilling a hole/ thru bolting it in place.

Unfortunately common in some batches, the connection is glued. Driling straight through and bolting is a pretty effective solution.

Well I just picked up a Thomson on Ebay as well, 35.00 not bad

the thomson is the end all be all of seatposts, you’ll not be disappointed.