KH seat fix - bolts ripped through seatbase...

On my trials uni, the front two bolts of the KH seat connecting the seat to the seatpost have completely ripped through the seat base. The result is a whole lot of play in the seat which drains power from hops and gaps and is very off-putting. I thought I was going to have to spend $90 on a new seat, but I think it’s all better now. This fix would be more effective if it was done to prevent the problem rather than repair it.

All the steps, pics, etc are here:

Can anyone think of a more effective way of fixing the cover back in place? I didn’t have any good glue at home, and the duct tape seems to be doing well.



nice job

man thats awesome. i dont have any tips of a better way to fix it , and im new and everythign at unicycling but its cool you jsut fixed it jsut like that. you saved alot of money. :sunglasses:

spickydoo was able to restaple his cover back on, i don’t know if he also used glue of some sort

Re: KH seat fix - bolts ripped through seatbase…

If you will sand the glue area on the base, then apply contact cement to the base and the edge of the cover and let it dry you can then carefully stick the cover back in place. I found that starting in the narrowest part of the seat and wrapping a strap around it to compress the foam a little helped. After the cover is on, use a staple gun and short staples all around and you will end up with a cover that looks like it was never removed, if you are lucky.

Yeah we did Joe’s with a staplegun and no glue. And we were running out of staples so theres only a staple like every onch and a half…but it is working quite nicely.

Test ride report…

This morning I travelled a total of three hours to do two hours on unicycling with some bike trials friends (something that some people just can’t understand :)).

I’d say that the flex has been reduced by about 60% but it’s not at all back to how it was originally. The seat base was ripped quite badly and I think this is as good as it will get. But…I’m quite sure that if this was done as a preventative mesure (before the rip) it would completely solve the problem.

As Robbie suggested last night, duct tape doesn’t stick too well to KH seat covers so I wrapped it all the way around the middle of the seat. It looks very pretty now. :slight_smile:


I’ve had that happen to 2 KH seats of mine, I fixed the first one, but it broke again about a month later, so when it happened again recently I just sprung for a new torker DX seat, I guess I’m too lazy to take all those steps the fix mine but good job

How did you fix the first one?


super glue, tape, screws

man, thats kinda like what happened to me…except i nearly ripped the seat in half…i wish youd made the tip a couple of months ago hehe

I’ve broken 3 so far, same way as Andrew, front bolts as well! Just wondering if there are better seats that don’t have this problem, or whether a CF plate would prevent it? I’ve already had to replace mine twice, that’s like $200, but it’s not the money, I just want to be able to ride and know that it’s not gonna suddenly rip in my hand!!! I really don’t like not being able to ride properly! Especially when the seat cuts your hop height by about 50% because of the amount of flex in it!