KH Seat Failure

Ok, we were riding in a local skatepark today when this happened. If you can’t see from the photo, the base has cracked allowing the front two bolts to rip straight through both it and the metal plate inside. Has anyone else had a failure like this because i’ve not seen one yet? I don’t jump particularly hard so i’m not sure why it happened. Anyway, down to serious business, what shall i do for the replacement? The options as i see them are:

  1. Buy a KH Fusion for £28

  2. Buy a CF KH Base, a fusion cover and nick the foam and handle/bumper from my current wrecked saddle to create an uber-saddle capable of taking over the world. Cost £43 or £47 if i buy a fusion handle aswell.

3.Do something akin to baloon modeling with an inner tube an make an air saddle (not really thought about this one too much)

Any advice on the fusion, Cf seat bases and air saddles would be greatfully received, or about anything i’ve obviously overlooked. For the record i ride Muni and trials on a Nimbus/KH 24", not much long distance and weigh 85 kg (190 pounds). Cheers.


Mine did that, but it was used. I have a feeling one of those modified seatposts with the stiffener fin thing would have prevented the problem.