KH seat comparison

compare the thick KH seat to the freeride and the street gel saddle. i will be riding street. and i like comfort of course

kh freeride- fat but really comfortable
kh street-very skinny but decent seat if you aren’t sitting on it that much
kh gel 06- the happy medium between the 07 seats. comfortable but small enough to grip SIF easily
thick kh (non gel)- not comfortable and absolutely sucks for SIF

Extremely disagree with this one.

I use the old fat KH saddle on my coker, and love it. Very comfy, and ive done 50mile rides on it with no soreness or numbing at all. I also dont mind doing SIF on it when it was in my Nimbus Frame.

It is really all about preference. Unfortunatly no two people’s nethers are the same, therefore everyone will experience saddles differently.

As you can see Jerrick has no problems with the basic KH. I personaly hate the basic KH for riding, although I don’t mind it that much for SIF. I also don’t like the new street seat for SIF or riding, but others love it for both.

Personaly my favourite seat I have ever ridden is the KH/Bedford gel/dual density seat.

I think it was a limited production test run to make new gel seats. It is about half as thick as the KH standard seat was back then, it is dual layered, and it fits in my hand like a glove. I can ride this seat for as long as I want without any problems and I can treat it like any thin seat out there.

The only problem is that because the foam is somewhat squishy the fabric in the back actualy sticks out more than the bumper and it has been devoloping some really big holes in the Fusion cover.

The best way to find the right seat, unfortunatly is to ride lots of different seats. There is no perfect seat for everyone just what works for you.