kh/schlumph geared muni

i saw it on and was just wanting more info
look under KRIS HOLM

how do u watch the clip

click on kris holm that is in a box on the right
click on the icon of the file
go to the bottom of the page and click on the bottom link
and watch the vid

is there any other clips of geared unicycles?

for more informations maybe look here

and also here

and here

There should be some pictures and maybe videos. I don’t know about more videos from other geard unis.

I think the KH/Schlumpf will be availiable in late summer. But I don’t know something exactly.

that thing is freakin fast i wish i could get a close up

Search for the orginal thread on this on this forum, in it there is a link posted of a small video of Kris riding in moab, really good technical riding over rocks. If you freeze the video at the right point you can get a pretty good view of the hub. has photos and links to threads about Pete’s externally-geared prototype.

In my album there are several sub-albums with clips of various geared unicycles.

Abram Clark’s geared penguin giraffe

Meeting with Unatics, some Schlumpf 29er footage and Andrew Drosssman on der Uber Coker

Connie Cotter on an OuttaPhaze rendition

I also have footage of Florian Schlumpf’s visit to Seattle with a 24" Schlumpf, 29" BlueShift, and 36" PurplePhaze all together with a bunch of folks riding them. I don’t have the huge .mpg file compressed or uploaded. It also shows motion cutaways of Florian’s hub, closeups of shifting while riding, Irene Genelin seat dragging and hand shifting, on and on…If requested I may compress that to .wmv and upload it. The .mpg is 72 MB and I don’t know how long it is in time.

Re: kh/schlumph geared muni

On Sat, 13 May 2006 19:56:29 -0500, harper wrote:

>In my album there are several sub-albums with clips of various geared

That was a good list. I missed Frank Bonsch though, I’m sure I’ve seen
some video footage of him on his geared uni. Also some explanatory
videos about his geared hub.

I would so like to meet Frank. Too bad we missed him when I came to see you in het Nederlands. We coresponded occassionally during the independent developments of our first practical geared unicycle hubs a few years ago. On his website he has a cartoon that shows the operation of his hub. I have seen brief footage of Frank riding his geared uni in a university building hall. There is a link to it at the bottom of this page on the website.

The cartoon is here.

His website is here.

George Barnes has also recently made a short, geared giraffe that appears practical. Of course everything is short to George.

I compressed the Schlumpf visit to Seattle video and uploaded it here. These clips were taken with a digital camera and so the quality is fairly poor. It was an interesting day with all of those geared unicycles zipping about. The .mpeg is 72MB and the .wmv is 18MB. I think it’s about 6 and a half minutes in length.

Schlumpf videos

Here is another video of Kris riding in Moab on the KH24 Schlumpf prototype. It has some up close clips of the new hub.

Peace- Hudson

The new geared coker by schlumpf is so nice and the frame is ace.

ratio 1:1 i rekon i could easy keep up 15+ mph but geared, i couldn’t even do. It’s freaky.

I think a geared up 24" would be great for the flats on road and stuff.