Kh/schlumpf 24"

I’m sale in good shape unicycle KH/SCHLUMPF 24" muni + Magura brake + Magnezium pedals !
For photos or more info you can contact me



It’s a very nice uni. You would get more/better responses if you included your asking price and location (I’m guessing somewhere in Europe?).

I’d like to know a bit more about this uni please Simpl :slight_smile:
I’ve got as far as a unicycle website in Slovenia but then drawn a blank. Is it still for sale and how much are you asking ?



You might have to send him an email

Good idea Batman :roll_eyes:

Sorry for bad informations !
I’m from Slovenija!
No problem to shipping it !
Price is 950€ !

nice day


Interesting cable routing. Does water get into the seat tube?

No, it is sealed (water proof) !