KH Schlumpf (24" with a 29" rim available)


It’s time to face reality and sell my schlumpf. I purchased this last year as a 29er and relaced into a 24 using an Alex dx32 rim.

The hub was brand new in 2011 and saw very little use from the previous owner as well as the second owner. I probably put around 200 miles on it.

It has been well cared for and oiled periodically. I have a 5 syringes of schlumpf oil, the original manual, tools, and a spare button as well as crank bolts. I also have the original schlumpf ball cap and bumper sticker.

I still have the 29er rim, a Kris Holm xc, along with the halo twin rail tire I was using. If you want the frame I can throw that in too, but it has been painted.

The cranks are 150’s and the wheel has been setup tubeless. The seat is a modified Nimbus Gel (flattened and cut out). I have a spare tube I’ll throw in along with some spare metal Trail Mix pedals. It also has one of Bryce’s Magura rim brakes.

Serial Number is M0399 and has “D. Wurster” etched on it (first owner’s name).

I’m asking $1500 if the buyer pays shipping.

This is in nearly brand new condition and you will not find a setup ready to go like this, for this cheap.


Edit: I wanted to update the listing and the previous thread was getting cluttered with my “Up” posts. Thanks.










Still available?


How do I send a private message?

Click on his name where it appears next to the main comment box. A drop-down box appears with several choices, one of which is “send a private message.” Click on that, and away you go.

Posted a description and images in your other thread about pms but here’s the links.


Liking the schlumpf, also liking the niner frame. Shot you a pm regarding pricing.

James, I got your pm but I’m out of town at the moment and service is spotty.

I will send you a message this weekend if that’s okay.

All apologies.

Still for sale.

Alright, enough messing around. I’m going to give this thing away for $1200.

This is the best deal you’re gonna find on a like new schlumpf.

Come on folks, 1200 bucks.

Now that’s a steal! :astonished:

I’m of a full time student though so even if I did have the money to purchase it I wouldn’t have the time to ride it.

Yep. The best deal on a schlumpf that you up find.

This what the hub alone should sell for.

This is getting ridiculous… What’s wrong people? Someone should buy that. It should already be sold. I already have a Schlumpf and I dont need a second one, but if I didn’t I’d buy it right away!

I’ll just keep staring in want, drooling a little and realizing my riding skills aren’t there yet, and it’s a bit out of my current price range. I really hope you find someone for this steal of a deal. To be clear, $1200 is wheel/hub only, correct?

1200 is everything pictured as I’m not using any of it.