KH Saddles 2012

Does anyone know if the 2012 series of KH saddles are on the market?
I’ve tried searching in couple online shops and they only list 2011 saddles even though 2012 KH unicycles are already out (I assume they come with the new seats).

And the new Percussion Leg Armor :thinking:

The new Percussion Armor is being sold on I have a pair. There great!:smiley:

Better than the old ones or you didn’t have them?

No, I didn’t have the old ones. The molded knee cap is really nice…apart from that, I don’t think theres much of a difference. But I’ve never tried the old ones.

I’ve got a 2012 KH freeride saddle. I upgraded to it when I bought my Nimbus 26 from last month. I had assumed I would be getting the 2011 with the pullstrings, as that’s what the site showed, but he gave me the new one with the velcro.
Give him a buzz (or the owner of whichever site you’re ordering from) and ask them what they have. They may have been too busy getting the spirit cranks and new frames put up, and not gotten around to editing the small stuff.

i got a 2012 street from UDC us