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Hi, I live in the UK and have just come back from a week in cumbria. The scenery was lovely and I have spent some much needed time with my Onza trials Uni. However after not riding in a while I found the Kris Holm saddle slightly, shall we say “restrictive” in certain areas “ahem”. Does anyone else have the same problem or could recomend a more comfortable pearch for increased usage (preferrably one that is less steep at the front). Although I was just thinking of trimming down the foam a little. Any sugestions??

I really like the nimbus gel seat, but my friends air seat is also pretty comfy.

I have a nimbus gel seat, as well as a modified torker LX seat (cut down foam, added gel inserts). If I were choose one for long distance riding, I would say the modified LX seat (which is more miyata-style). The nimbus gel seat is also very comfortable, and lower profile than the LX one.

You can cut a wedge out of the nose of the saddle. I have pictures of that modification in my Airseat gallery (scroll down to the bottom).

You could also cut the foam down to half-height and that would give you more room. It it’s for trials a thinner seat is probably better (easier to grab).