KH saddle...

Where’s the best place to buy a KH saddle? I think I’m going with Bedford again on this one.

Also can the Kh saddle, attach to the same seatpost as a viscount saddle. And when’s the next generation KH saddle coming and should I hold out for that?

Finally, a bit off subject does anybody know what Darren Bedford’s solution to the KH crank nb problem is? I might get him to do it, but I’m just not sure what it is.


Ps. (edit) I know there has already been threads on the next generation saddle but I wasn’t sure if there was any developments since then.

I can answer a few of those questions. I do believe the Viscount and the KH use the same post. I got a Summit with a Viscount and will be upgrading to a KH.

I talked to Kris when he was in Santa Barbara on Wednesday and I asked about when will the saddles be available. He said probably August/September. But that’s not official. He said he had sent off a mold for the new handle but he had heard it got screwed up. I’m hoping they come out soon.

The KH has the same bolt pattern as the Viscount. I have no idea about the new KH. And I’m not sure about Darren, but I believe Steve Howard can do crank removal surgery.


Who is Steve Howard and how much does this surgery cost?


If you haven’t already had problems with the nubs, it might be worth waiting to see if they bother you or not before forking out the £$£$ to remove them. I personally haven’t had any problems with them. I heard it makes them marginally weaker as they need extra spacers which moves the crank out so they less space on the axle, but I may be wrong and either way it depends how heavy you are and what you do on them.

That’s a very good point OWS. I’ll remember that.


you should buy from Kris Holm 's website. Just go to the catalog.

Doesn’t it just link to

Yeah thats what I thought to.


actually, it doesn’t link to

It lists all the unicycles and the seats, but then has a link to either or

I’ve decided to buy from bedford. Just one more question. I have an orange Summit, so… black + black, or black + grey?

I’m leaning towards the grey, but am not sure.