KH Saddle Seat Bolt Replacement

I started a thread a while ago on this, but did not get my answers. Anyway, I have a Coker with the KH seat. One of the seat bolts had been torqued off by a gorilla, yes me.

I finally took the cover off from the back of the seat. The back seat bumper and removed the staples to just in front of the center of the seat. I left the front alone. I was worried that once I started messing with it, I would not get it back together well and would end up buying a new seat, again with cheap bolts. Well, not so, It was soooo easy. The padding stayed in the seat cover, it is kind of molded, so it does not just spring out all over. I was able to remove all 4 bolts, 3 good and 1 broken. I replaced them with stainless steel. I should never have to do this again. I then closed it back up. I did not have the best of luck with the staples, I guess I need an air stapler, but the rear set protector holds the cover well. It works like a charm.

If you have less than 4 bolts holding your seat, have at it, you will find it easy!!!