KH Saddle/Reeder Handle/Magura Brake?

Two questions.

First, how does the Reeder handle work with the current KH Fusion saddles? Is it compatible, or is does it need a stiffener, or?

Second, does a Reeder get in the way of a brake lever, or do they work together all right?


Definately needs a stiffener. A carbon fiber seatbase is probably best.

I don’t use a brake, but to install the Reeder, I had to hack off the end of the brake post tube on the KH rail adapter. Someone else would have to chime in here to confirm whether or not they can still work together.

Ok, follow-up. A new thread in RSU shed some light on this.

You can’t use a standard KH adapter, but people have come up with a couple of custom ways to use brakes + reeder.

This post by phil is a good solution:

John Childs also mentions mountain bike bar-ends in that thread:

(whole thread: Mounting Maguras question - #15 by Spencer_Hochberg )

Anyway, it is possible.