KH saddle creaking problem.

The KH saddle on my new Nimbus II 24" has been great for riding so far. However, on about the third day of riding, I began to notice a creaking sound which I eventually determined was originating in the saddle. Today it almost seemed to be wiggling on the bracket as well as creaking, even though the bolts seem to be holding the saddle to the post quite tightly. I haven’t done any drops at all on it, but have done some abusive freestyle, like hand wheel walk on the seat which puts a lot of weight on the front of the seat and seat drag, which could be causing the problem.

Has anyone had similar problems with this saddle and does anyone know how to fix it.?

Im not sure if its the same thing but my kh seat creaks and wiggles because the seat base flexes. I think the only way to fix it is to get a stiffner plate, buy a cf seat base, or get one of the new generation kh seats( i think they are stronger)

Yeah, the KH saddle creaking is normal, as far as i know. My Miyata does the same thing. It is due to the saddle flex, as litldude2 said, which means there isn’t much you can do. It also means that nothing is wrong, so unless it is bothering you for some other reason, don’t worry about it. If it is bothering you, maybe a CF seat would help, but i wouldn’t know.