KH saddle cracked

hey everyone,

Im just posting to see if this had happened to anyone else. But yesterday when i was hopping around i jumped off like a 1/2 a foot drop and i heard a loud !snap! i looked under the seat and the two front bolts had come out and there was a large crack in the plastic.

has this happend to anyone else?

i posted a link to a thread in the German forum about some dude doing the same thing to his.

i cant find the thread i posted though,it had a nasty picturee attached too.

does anyone have a link to that thread?

This actually just happened to John Glazer last night. How old is yours? I believe the newer ones have a metal plate in them that should remedy the problem. That does suck though. Especially with something that has Kris Holm’s signature on it.

I jumped of a 1/2 foot drop and put a little too much pressure on my KH saddle (only two weeks old) and now it bends down alot more than i can remember. It didn’t break and i can still use it but i think that if i put alot of pressure on that handle it may snap. Just trying to lay off it till i can afford a miyata.

I don’t believe that mine snapped suddenly. I don’t remember any snap noise or feeling.