KH Saddle Cover

Check out the cover I made for my KH saddle, bright eh?

I skinned a cat, cut the fur to size, folded it under the bumper/handle, and then sewed a loop onto the sides and put a drawstring through.

It holds on firmly, and even stood up to a night of trying to learn wheel-walking and kick-up mounts at the juggling club last night.

The valve cap is just bits of cat stuck to a big light up valve cap that doesn’t work anymore.

Do youse like it?



Congratulations Tom - that’s probably the most disturbing modification I have seen on a unicycle… and reading this group that’s saying something. What do you feed your cat?

Nice one!

  • Sam

I feed him electricity and nuclear waste.

He seems to like it. Or did anyway.


very very…

Very cool lookin, but I’d prefer if you didn’t skin a cat any more, It can hurt alot…

Youre right it can hurt, damn thing scratched me to bits while I was skinning it, maybe I should’ve killed it first…

Nah, its not really a cat. Just some wild fur from a fabric shop.

Glad you all like it tho.

I’m quite proud of the fact that RedWelly said “that’s probably the most disturbing modification I have seen on a unicycle

I was gonna cover the whole uni in fur but stopped at the saddle n valve cap!!

Surely someone has a modification more disturbing than this?


you should do one in green

That’s awesome! Well done.

You have no idea how much I love that.
It looks exactly like my slippers.
Will you make me one?

That’s a…erm…striking get up. Nice one.

I’ve got a leapord skin Muni in the making…leapord skin seat cover and paint job…mmmmm. I’ve got a mate who paints stuff for a job. He’s a good chap to know!


whoa. awesome. you should sell just the seat cover cuz i’d buy one. looks a bit comfier too

Furry saddle cover

Cheers everyone!

It is comfy, a light pair of trews or shorts and its lovely. I’d imagine that it’d get a bit sweaty on a long run tho.

If anyone wants me to make them one I will (for a small fee, of course) but it really wasn’t that hard to make!

Cheers again!


what’s “a small fee” gonna be?

So that’s pretty hilarious. :smiley:

I’d definetly order one, if you can make it in Yellow, or Black.

even if you can’t maybe you could make a miyata cover too? nothing would be cooler than a Fuzzy flamin’ uni.

Best. Thing. Ever.

:: Pelvic Thrust ::

If you were to ride this in Moab, you’d have a bad case of the butt sweats.

Wicked! :smiley:

But (Butt?), that seat would come in real handy for this ride.

Cool seat, it look a bit like a fuzzy bird head.

a small fee will be:

Enough to cover the cost of the fur (the bit I bought was the smallest the shop sold and is enough for 3 covers and cost £6)

The shop sells all kinds of fur, all colours, short and long fur. £6 will be the most any bit will cost.

The cost of delivery to wherever,

And £5 for my time and thread.

If anyone seriously wants one, PM me.

Cheers again folks!