KH saddle cover compatibility

Just a little question, and its probably obvious but Oh well.
I’ve got an 04 KH24 and the saddle is starting to fall apart. Will this cover fit over the saddle or will I have to edit the foam?

Also, at the moment it doesn’t have the gap down the middle… would it be worth the time and effort to put one in?

The new cover should fit but might be a bit tight front and back. They have stretchy material there so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Modifying the foam is definitely worth it. My favorite saddle is an old style KH with a wedge cut off the front, a tear-drop shaped relief area and a wedge cut out of the back and two stiffener plates. The overall shape is similar to the current KH freeride saddles.

cool, I’ll get a cover then. I’ll have a play around with the foam too, it’s already comfy… but everything can get better :smiley:


That cover looks like the one I got for my old Onza saddle, and it works fine. The new KH Fusion Freeride cover is lower volume front and rear, and will require trimming the foam to fit. That looks like the “Fusion” cover which fits the old style KH seats, or Torker DX, Onza (the yellow and gray one).

15 minutes of digging a channel in your foam will translate to years or more comfortable riding. Very much worth it. It made my saddle far better than it was before.

ORDER the fusion foam pad also! That’s what I did and transformed all my older saddles to the fusion freeride simply by changing to the new foam! They are ony about $8 each! I ordered mine from UDC (US) they usually have several laying around since they have to remove them to make the air saddles. The base you already have is basically the same so really it’s just the foam and the new cover that makes it the “fusion freeride”. Try it!:smiley:

I’ve modded my old foam to be almost like a freeride, which I also have. It’s quite simple. Just flatten out the curve by cutting a wedge starting from the front and back tapering toward the center. I think I started about half and inch down from the top on the front and back. Then I carved out a groove down the center about an inch wide and an inch deep and smoothed out all the edges with a dremel.

I’m deffinetly going to change the foam now. I did about 10-12 miles of muddy muni and road riding and to put it nicely some places were numb.
I emailed UDC too like you said terry. Now I wait!