KH saddle chafing???

Does anyone know how to stop the chafing that I now assoscioate with hopping while using a KH saddle? I’ve tried everything short of b*ke shorts but nothing seems to work.

Then I’d suggest the b*ke shorts. They really do help. I was a convert as soon as I tried my first pair.

yes, b*ke shorts help, but i think that just riding and hopping more will fix the prob. i used to ride a miyata and i just got a kh (onza) seat and it chaffed at first, but after 20 or so hours of riding it went away. now the miyata kinda chaffs…

As recommended on this forum, Vaseline Creamy (looks like Nivea cold cream, not the ‘other’ kind of vaseline) really helps with chaffing.

It feels pretty slimy putting on, though.

As discovered by myself when dealing with chaffing (time in the saddle, not due to hopping, but I’d still give it a try)

Throw a handful of baby powder (or it’s dirt cheap equivelant…what I used when chaffing was an issue…cornstarch) in your shorts (front and back)

Either will most likely help you out.

It could be to do with your seat height. During the NZUni weekend I experienced worse chafing than I usually get from my airseat. I think it was because the saddle was lower than I like to have it. When the seat is low, it rubs against your legs more when you hop, and when it is higher there is less movement. Perhaps try putting the seat up a bit, it usually feels better for riding when it is high.

Out of all of these i would reccomend cornstarch. Its odorless unlike baby powder and its not a creme so if your mom/roomate walks in while applying it they wont think your having some fun with yourself and its dirt cheap and a little goes along way and it washes out of any clothes without a trace AND its fun to squish in your hands…the cornstarch that is. Its never failde me when chaffing was an issue even after 15 mile rides on the on a miyata seat.

i find tomato paste works best for chaffing.

I hope you like neighborhood dogs

I do have the seat too low, but since it is for trials, raising it would reduce my hopping abilities. I don’t wanna buy b*ke shorts and I don’t wanna use butt’r or some kindof lube, so I guess my only option is to get used to it.

No…get bike shorts

You say you don’t want to. You must no have ever worn them.

If you have worn them, and don’t want them, you must simply just be crazy

sofa is absolutely right, bike shorts rock! i usually ride with them under normal shorts but every so often i get the desire to ride in nothing but… i’ll just stop now

Please, for all our sakes, wear regular shorts on top of the bike shorts. :astonished:

This isn’t necessarily true. Have you seen UNiVERsE? On UNiVERsE Dan Heaton has his seat really high, and he does huge seat-in hops. Having the seat high should not affect seat-out hops much, as long as you can still get it out. Last I heard Dan put his seat down really low, but I don’t know if it was to increase his hopping or not.

If you dont wear Bike shorts (like me), then get some trousers or shorts that have seams which are not too fat. Jeans are about the worst when it comes to having fat seams which increase chafing. Just because they are comfortable is not a reason to wear bike shorts. If a leotard was the most comfortable riding gear would you wear one Sofa?

the only bike shorts to get:

the gay lycra and chamois…under baggie shorts w/ pockets…all in one piece!

You can’t go wrong (and I forgot about ‘the other kind’ of bike shorts when replying to the last one…so I apologize if this is the only bike shorts you knew of…I can see someone not wanting to wear those)

You wear the lycra bike shorts under your normal shorts or pants. If you wear them under pants no one would ever know you’re wearing them.

The other option is to get the MTB style cycling shorts that have a liner inside of baggy shorts.

The gay skin tight lycra option is the most flexible because you can wear it under your current riding trousers or baggy shorts.

Go with the bke shorts, either the lycra ones under the your regular shorts or paants, or spend a bit more on the actual shorts with the spandex or lycra insides, helps toooo much. I have the old bking shorts which are awesome if I choose to wear regular everyday clothes, and I also have 3 pairs of purpose bought RNH shorts with the lining inside, the shells made of 100% polyester, and it tougher then any regular shorts you will have.

Re: KH saddle chafing???

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004 21:57:25 -0600, Rowan
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>If a leotard was the
>most comfortable riding gear would you wear one Sofa?

You mean like this <>?

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