KH Saddle Bolts

Just wondering before I Take it apart:

On a ride this Friday I broke one of the bolts that hold my KH Fusion Freeride saddle to the rail adaptor. I was wondering if I could take the cover and foam off the plastic base and put a new bolt in or if the bolt is actually imbedded in the plastic?


There is a little bit of tape, bolt will come right out tho. Not embedded.

Yes you can do that. I had the same problem with a kh seat and replaced the bolt with no problems. The seat works perfectly…

Thanks For the Help.

After your responses I took apart the seat. I should be able to get a replacement bolt but I found a more serious problem. It seams like the metal plate is also broken. It cracked right where I broke the bolt. I don’t know how long it has been broken or if it is needed for strength or just as a support for the bolts. I am going to try and get it welded though. Also I never realized how heavy the rail adaptor is!


could i take apart my nimbus gel seet cuase the same thing has happened to mine

yes, they have an extremley similar construction.

The bolts have a square shoulder on them to stop them spinning in the plate, finding replacements might be tricky.

I’m pretty sure the metal plate is used to strengthen the seat.

  1. the metal plate is there cuz without it the plastic is not nearly strong enough for you to use the seat handle.
    weld something thin over it (along the sides… the welds will add a huge amount of strength), welding the break will only let it break again.
  2. get stainless bolts that are slightly larger and you won’t have to worry about this again.

Larger Bolts

Scrobo thanks for your suggestion that is what I am planning on doing. This is something that Kris can do to easily strengthen his Unis.


true, but then CF seats would be only for weight weenies …
and saddles would weigh a significant amount more.

Bolts adding weight?

I don’t think that using fatter bolts is going to add a noticeable amount of weight. Not on MUni saddles (Fusion Freeride) at least. Every Ounce might count on the Fusion Freeride Street saddles but for the MUni saddle I think a few extra grams are a good trade off for the extra strength.


are we talking about bigger bolts to stop them pulling through the plate? If so just stick washers under the bolt heads, for a weight increase of the order of 10g

Bolt sizes

No actually my bolts are breaking. The KH plastic seat base hass been fine. No bolts have pulled through.


Local DIY / hardware store worked for me - carriage bolts. you can get all sorts of lengths too.

can someone help me i dont no what ive done,the seat bolts have become free moving within the seat so i cant tighten it,its just lose soeone please help i need my seat fixed asap oh by the way its a nimbus gel seat.