Kh saddle and post

Hello, My name is Zack Baldwin. I just located my old KH that was sponsored to me back in 2005. I thought it was lost forever, turns out I left it at a friends house in 2007 and he held onto it over the years. Its missing the seat and the post is broken. Im hoping to find a set I could by from one of you! thanks for your help


Are you trying to find a saddle from the era that your unicycle was originally or just one that would work?

Would you be interested in a KH post with the lever mount? It’s probably from about the same period as your uni, but I don’t suppose a trials rig would have had the extra bit for the lever. 27.2mm.

Anyway, PM me if you are interested. I’ll send it along for the cost of shipping.

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Zack can you take a pic of the uni so we know which generation it is?

2005 should be the first aluminum model, so with the blue frame.

Seat post is 27.2 and any seat post these days will do, since Miyata posts and seat don’t really exist anymore.

I recommend an alu post, especially version without welds like the newer KH posts… or a Koxx-One Pit Fighter II or III. Strong posts.

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If you can’t find anything used, 30$ for a post and either 50$ or 75$ for a seat

Best post:

Best seat (newer style base, even though they’re plastic, they’re realllly strong, almost as much as carbon)

Cheap and good:

If you really are on a budget, get this 20$ post

Last thing, UDC is having a sale right now so if you get the KH Street 2015 saddle + KH post you can get a discount of 20$ (anything over 100$) by entering GOLDENTICKET so for a total of 85$ (instead of 105) you get the best post on the market and the next best thing to a carbon seat (which you can’t find anywhere these days).