KH rollo discs - half price.

I have no further use for my rollo discs, I can’t do flat and they’re destroying my pallets. They’re £12 on UDC so i’ll sell them for £6 + postage? :slight_smile:
I may trade for some stuff if anybody has anything? but whatever, talk to me :slight_smile:

A) why are they desrtoying your pallets?
B) IF i have the money, would you accept payment via cash in an envelope? (6 quid (10 AUD) +postage money (which is $1.45 AUD for envelopes))
C) would you send them to me in an envelope to save on P+H costs?

I have a bit of a weird technique, generally if i miss the pallet with my tyre I was landing with ~80KG down onto the edge of the pallet which would take a tiny chunk off each time
Erm, the only reason i wouldn’t want to do that would be that as far as i know you have to have at least £10 worth of the foreign currency to change it, do you have paypal or anything? :slight_smile:
Yes, I’d be more than happy to send them in an envelope!