KH rims no available fomr MDC...


looks great. alot cheaper than I was expecting too.

edit: wow I spelt the title badly…

can someone explain the difference between that rim and the tryall rim?
adn isnt the new onza rim the same but with hedgehogs?

damn these rim makers.

The KH is KH and its eyelitted.

lol thanks but just a brand name isnt enough to make a different rim… also the koxx1 (tryall) rim is eyeletted too…

only the street one. I don’t think the drilled koxx rim is eyelitted.

What exacly are eyelets?

the little shiny circlies around where hte nipples insert into the rim.

the little shiny circlies around where the nipples insert into the rim.

Oh! Does it just make it sronger or somthing?

I guess they are good. Everyone acts as if they are great…

Eyelets give the spoke nipples a nice place to rest. After my recent experiences, I would recommend getting a rim with eyelets if possible. I had built up a wheel using a GSport Ribcage rim, which is supposed to be a nice rim, although it’s not eyeleted. After popping the heads off of four spoke nipples in just about as many rides, I was suspecting that the sharp edges around the spoke holes were cutting through the nipples. I decided to re-lace the wheel using an eyeleted rim to see if that was the problem, and sure enough, it’s been trouble free since. I’m guessing that a unicycle wheel is more susceptible to damaging the spoke nipples where they meet the rim due to the twisting forces we put on them.


Eyelets also allow an Aluminum rim to use Aluminum nipples.

In short, Eyelets = stronger rim.

They allow for better tensions and an all around stronger rim.

KH rim is also quit wide now, meaning less air pressure can be held without folding over. =p

They are very cheap, very strong, very light. =p

That’s KH.

and you should get one!

and I want one!

any1 know if u can buy a kh 07 wheelset seperately?

bedford and mdc(udc?) could build one for you.

Say that to the KH 2005 cranks I bent in 2 days :wink: Though I agree that the 2007 stuff, and the 2005 rims were just kicking!

Differences would be that the Koxx rim is designed for trials BIKING, and KH is designed for uni trials, not a big difference, but worth noting. The KH is as strong, wider and cheaper. Koxx comes in more colors.