KH rim...Demolished...

Self Explanitory…I did a relatively normal sized drop that ended in a loud crack and me going over the front into the dirt. The spokes were nice and tight, the rim had a small outta true spot but it was like that the day I got it…

How freaking high was the drop, and was it to flat or did you (try) to roll out? How much air was in the tire? Damn that sucks!

It was so a small slant, I tried to roll out and the air pressure was pretty normal, lil on the low side for comfort…

well we now know that they are destroyable.
now to check by a normal rider

I got my Dx repaired…so Il have something I might be able to use if I cant get this one repaired in time, I did some crankflips on it and now realize why I used to throw my back out on that heavy thing! il head down to show you the lil drop I did it on with my cell phone camera…its kinda small and the Try all rim held up to that same drop dozens of times…

Here…this is the drop, I did it on my Alex rim I just put together on my Dx 24in. Held it pretty well.

I was landing by where my dogs head on the slant…

methinks your spokes weren’t as tight as you think they were

That sucks. Why were you using a kh rim on a track monster anyway?

hahaa, cody, have i ever told you that I love you… because I do.

so thats 4 wrecked KH 07 rims as far as I know. (well mine wasn’t really wrecked, but almost… flatspot and bend that made it like 1/2 mm from rubbing)

don’t get me wrong, they have all been in hell situations and my spokes were a little on the loose side.

How much do you weigh?

And what brand and condition was the spokes, reused etc. ?
My sympathies. :astonished:

Did you do that drop with a spoke missing or did you get a new one?

Did you jump off that Round drain??? Where is that?? I WANT TO GO THERE AND JUMP IT MYSELF! And I’ll videotape it!:smiley:

No worries im feelin the love lol. Well to Brian, I checked the spokes before I road out because there was one missing that I broke doing a 360 unispin off a ledge and one of my heels caught it…So I was making sure that the rest of the uni was still in top shape…But when I got the rim from UDC it wasnt straight, it was like someone had already thrown it out of true…Ohh and I was using a KH because the Original Try all rim got out of true pretty bad at Moab, I was told KH rims were stronger SO I told Renegade I was going to use one to see if it was true…Got my answer…I just cant ride any drilled rim :D. Ohh and I weight about 155lbs…

And Terry, that line is a one of 2 that I used to frequently do and is less than 0.2 miles from my house, here is a clip of the better one that I have done ohh so many times…

Ohh and that clip was prolly over a year ago, on my old DX when I first moded it with the yuni frame and stiffstick seat post

Boy that is a rather small drop, but it still looks fun!

I stand corrected

AHhaha yeah kinda like that

soo…you had a spoke missing? Might that be the reason the rim failed?

Perhaps the thread title should be ‘improperly maintained unicycle does not stand up to drops’ thus keeping KH’s name and product out of the mud; he put 36 spoke holes in there for ‘some’ reason

Well thats a drop I do all the time out here its pretty much in my backyard. I have done it with 3 missing spokes on my dx, and with my try all with one missing spoke… they didn’t have anywhere near this bad of damage done…

not to be a meanie or make this thread all technical, but that spoke doesn’t have a big impact on wheelstrength as far as MAASSSIIIVE flatspots like this one go. It is not a surprise to me that cody did this because of his riding style, but to say that it is all his fault is wrong. if that spoke was in properly, it would have done very nearly the exact same thing.