KH Rail Adaptor and KH Seat post (25.4mm)

Only interested in selling the complete setup. Fits all 25.4 frames including Nimbus 24/26/29".

The rail adaptor is almost new, the seat post is in excellent shap, some of the black is scrapped off, otherwise in great shape. Never jumped or abused.

The post is cut to ~ 300m. I have a 32" inseam and ride a 24" Nimbus, the post will accomodate down to a 30" inseam and would do fine up to about a 35-36" inseam.

New this setup is ~$50 (UDC sale price)

I’ll let it go for the first $30 including shipping in the conti USA. PayPal preferred.


check your PMs

Deal in progress…

Correction: The seatposts were cut, so here’s the deal. I have two rail adaptors, one includes a 6" (150mm) four bolt Titec brand seatpost 27.2mm (KH), the other has a 6" (150mm) KH brand seat post 25.4mm (UDC Nimbus).

The KH post is scratched up from sliding in and out of the frame, but no structural issues. The Titec post is in good condition also, but no mars. We don’t do big drops or trials, so the posts have not been abused.

The posts are set up for a 24" muni, so allowing for a minimum 2" of the post remaining in the frame, these posts fit up to a 34" inseam.

I have an offer on the KH pending.

UDC has the rail adaptors for $30 plus S/H, and seat posts go for $10-20, so they’re ~$60 per set up new, I’d sell either one for $30 shipped.