KH rail adapter + Primo Rod = worst upgrade ever

I naively thought getting a KH rail adapter and Primo “The Rod” seatpost would be an improvement on my current miyata seatpost and brake mount barend. How silly I was!
The first thing I noticed is that the Primo seatpost weighs a ton! This upgrade has a large weight penalty. Not only that, the rails of the adapter don’t sit squarely in the slots of the seatpost. Not sure if this is an intentional part of the adapter’s design, but this problem goes away once you tighen the seatpost’s clamping bolts up.

Next and most annoying is the fact that when bolted to a standard Miyata seat base there is virtually no adjustment possible in positioning the brake lever on the adapter’s mounting post. There is a ridge of plastic underneath where the brake lever goes, so you cannot move the lever towards the front of the mounting post without hitting the seatbase. If only the mounting post had been made parallel to the seatbase this problem would have been eliminated and also would have allowed a large range of adjustment. The best I could do ended up having my brake lever extender hitting the front seat bumper, before the brake pads even hit the rim. Seems like a particularly goofy design to me. Ok maybe I’m not using a CF seatbase and a HS-33 brake (I’ve got an old HS-11) but surely these things could have been taken into account when the rail adapter was designed!

Worst upgrade ever.

Oh, I forgot to say that I’ve put my old seatpost and barend brake mount back on. anyone want to buy a KH rail adapter and primo seat post??

adjust your brake pads closer to the rim.

there should be 2mm between the rim and pad when in not in use. Then you won’t have to move your lever so far.

OK, I’ll try that Sofa. I have a feeling that the brake lever is still going to be sitting too far back, making braking uncomfortable.

Send me a p.m. with a price and I might be interested in buying it

:smiley: yeah “the Rod” does weight a ton…its been mentioned here many times.a search would have revealed that.

the rib underneath the miyata seat plate can be shaved off with a hot knife.