KH Rail Adapter on Miyata CF base with GB4 + brake?

Does the KH rail adapter fit well with the Miyata CF base? I like the Miyata base better than the KH style one, but the Rail adapter I have for the base doesn’t have a long enough brake post to do anything with(the KH adapter for KH bases has a longer brake post than KH adapter for Miyata bases). This is because I have GB4 handles, and the brake (even with an extension lever) needs to go out further so it doesnt hit the GB4 handles when I try to use it.

So…will the KH-type rail adapter fit securely with the Miyata CF base if I drill the holes correctly, or is the curve of the rail adapter different?

Basically I need to find a way to fit my brakes with my GB4 handle.

Current set up:
Miyata plastic base, GB4 stiffener plate, GB4 Handles, KH rail adapter for Miyata saddle

and I want to do this:
Miyata CF base, KH rail adapter for KH bases, GB4 handles, Hydraulic brakes that are able to be used without interfering with my GB4 handles as they currently do when I try to put the extension lever on the brake lever.

OR if anyone has advice on how to fit my brakes better with the set up I want, go ahead!

sorry for the long post!

When I tried this a few years ago, I found that the curve is/was different. The KH adapter had more curvature, and didn’t fit up to a Miyata base at all. I don’t think anything has changed since I tried, either.

The curve of the KH rail adapter is different. It’s more curved.

Use the KH rail adapter but put fender washers between the adapter and the CF base. The edges of the rail adapter will distribute the load so the rail adapter doesn’t concentrate force on a point or edge. You’ll be good.

Some people use inner tube rubber between the CF and the rail adapter. I use fender washers. The washers are better suited to the task and won’t deteriorate or get cut through with use.

This is the setup I used when I was using a brake. I used the bar end available at UDC for the brake mount. It put the brake lever in perfect postion for my pinky to reach it. I use a standard Velo/KH seat with the KH rail adapter as the stiffener for my GB4 handle.

Actually…the stand alone brake post might even be better because I can remove the brake a lot easier that way. The brake I have has the screw in the most awkward position, so if I want to take the brake off the rail adapter, I had to take the rail adapter off the seat base. Hmmmm.

That prior pic was my old setup. The KH rail adapter working as a stiffener is here.