kh pulled a microsoft?

Is it just me or has kh mircosofted unicycling I, mean everyone seems to have a kh seat now inc me.Most trials riders and muni riders seem to have a kh hub and cranks.
This i don’t have I have a qu-ax muni so i have qu-ax hub + cranks and my trials just has a cheap ass hub in. what do you think?
And now with the pads and clothing when will his world domination stop?

Re: kh pulled a microsoft?

I’m assuming you can’t be serious, in which case JC would have been a more appropriate place for this thread.

It seems to me as a uni consumer there is plenty of freedom of choice in component shopping. I see a lot more six six ones out there on peoples legs than I do KH protection. Likewise Roach. And with cranks there is always the option–at a much higher cost–to go with Profile. Making something just as good cheaper doesn’t sound like world domination to me.

At this young stage in our sport, I think having a manufacturer dedicated to making strong affordable high-quality equipment is a blessing.

Just wait then, till someone starts manufacturing open source components

There’s a difference between making good products and “Microsofting.” KH cycles and parts do not require you to buy or use other KH parts for them to work. No Microsofting. Also, they don’t crash on their own; you need to be riding them and then it’s your fault. No Microsofting there. And they don’t bluescreen. Lastly, they seem to be pretty much finished products when they come out on the market. You don’ t have to constantly update them.

They’re just good products!

When more unicycle products are being designed by top unicyclists, I’m sure there will be many more great products to choose from. In his way, Kris is a pioneer.

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I agree, the only reason that everybody has KH seats is because they are the best. If someone else came up with a better seat it would bring competition

Thats not necesairly true, I dont like them, I find them to big for trails and two big for freestyle, I much prefer myata even though they break easy.


I’m very glad Kris has brought great products to unicycling. Great Unis, great seats, great hubs, great cranks. --chirokid–

KH Velo seats are comfortable. That’s all they have

They are made like crap

They are flexy

The bolts spin around aimlessly

They are barely user serviceable (if even that)

The material used wears down super fast

Comfortable, but a poor product.

I dont think this is true. Maybe a lot of new trials riders are getting KH uni’s, but from what i have read on this forum and seen in pictures, videos, and in person, most trials riders seem to use Profiles.



Those who think they are free from flex because they have the next generation Velo…

of the three velos I’ve pulled apart (to get at the shitty bolt setup) 2 of them had the reinforcing plate.

Both of the plates were split in two pieces at the front two seat post bolts.

2 individual pieces of metal in the seat guts hardly add stability

Don’t hold back Sofa… Tell us how you really feel.:smiley: Just because Kris is a fellow Canadian doesn’t mean you should sugar coat it.

I haven’t had too much experience with different seats, but to me it is the best production seat for comfort. It could be improved though.

Have I just been really lucky? My first KH seat, bought days after they first became available, has given absolutely stirling service since then without any noticeable flex, material wearing, bolt spinning or other signs of it being anything less than brilliant. I don’t know how user serviceable it is because I’ve never had any reason to find out…

The second, a few months back, came with some loose staples but this was easily solved with a pair of pliers.

I love the things. I haven’t sat on my miyata airseat for ages, despite it probably being a bit more comfortable.


With my KH seats, flex has never been an issue and I think the bumpers are superb! They’ve both taken quite a beating.


Apparently they are listening though because the new KH seat that I think is coming out in a few months will have some good changes. Removable cover, thicker handle, and some other nice stuff that I forget right now.

I knew somebody was going to say something like that.

There’s a big difference between a new version (velo 1.1) and constant updates and security patches. :slight_smile:

After one year, the KH seat on my MUni is holding up well, except in the center. The fabric has developed some wrinkles on the sides, and it’s starting to let go at the staples on one side.

But it’s still comfortable.

My seat post, on the other hand, is another story. My $25 Pyramid suspension post seems to be giving up the ghost. Not like I didn’t get my money’s worth! But ever since Steve Dressler used my unicycle to pound UP a set of stairs, the post hasn’t been the same. I don’t know if it’s going to hold up to another visit to Moab…

That’s right…Darren doesn’t yet allow for downloading of seats

Re: kh pulled a microsoft?

Conceptually, this is pretty funny. Don’t you realise that Kris still has a day job and Bill Gates is worth over 50 billion dollars.

Bill has more money than every single unicyclist that ever lived combined X 1000 !!! (I don’t have the numbers to back this up, but I’m SURE it’s true). ***

I don’t think that KH has a virtual monopoly on unicycling equipment. Yes, his lines seem to do quite well in the unicycle world. That’s because his equipment fills a niche. (Relatively) inexpensive (relatively) durable rough terrain unicycle equipment.

Microsoft devours other software companies alive in a extremely large high-stakes market.

KH has good market share in a microscopic market. It’s not that he eats other unicycling manufactures alive, it’s that the rough-terrain unicycle market is too small for most bike companies to even bother.

KH is more like Linus Torvalds in that he is bringing visibility to a small yet growing movement.

…as for the KH seat. Sure, it has problems, but it’s the best off-the-shelf rough-terrain unicycle seat on the market.

If you wanted to, you could have a chance at developing and marketing your own unicycle equipment and being successful. …but try entering into the PC OS market.

Honestly, you couldn’t be serious with this comparison.

*** for those that doubt this comparison, see this page:

Re: Re: kh pulled a microsoft?

even though I have adverse opinions on the seat, Kris Holm has done more to unicycling that could be otherwised imagined.

I respect him, his work (his current seat is subpar…but he keeps getting better and better) and everything he has done for the sport of unicycling.

as well, Bill Gates has done more for the IT industry than can possibly be imagined, and I respect him for that. Sure, he’s stepped on a lot of people…but that is simply the industry he is in…and the industry is where it is because of a lot of what he has accomplished.

They are both great people.

The current version of Windows has its bugs, as does all of the current KH product line.

Nothing is perfect. But a lot of things are pretty damn good.

Well, i wasn’t even going to reply to this thread, because the only “KH” branded items i own are three of the saddles…but…after sitting here thinking about what an inane statement started this thread, i just had to comment.

I’ve been riding unicycles since about 1972…i haven’t always been real serious about it, and there were long periods of time when i didn’t ride one at all…and i’m nowhere near being a great unicycle rider now. The thing is, though, that for most of those years, quality unicycles were few and far between, and unicycle replacement parts were almost impossible to find. Now, thanks to easier global trade and communication, we can support companies that cater to a very small “niche” market. We as consumers profit from that by having a wider range of products to choose from, and hopefully, the folks that try to bring quality products to the market can profit from it too.

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Kris Holm, but i hope that he can at least break even financially with his ventures. He seems to be trying to get quality products produced, and bring them to the market at reasonable prices. Trust me, he has got to be doing this for the love of it…he will never get anywhere near as rich as Bill Gates by designing and and endorsing unicycle parts!

While i’m in this mode, i’d just like to thank all of you who have made these things possible…some i’ve made purchases from and some i probably will some day…John and family at of course, Roger for our cousins in the UK, Mr. Bedford up in Canada (i’m going to have to get me some of those flame decals soon), Gbarnes for the seatposts, and several others i can’t think of right now…ok… hopping off the soapbox now…