KH/ profile compatibility?

Hi guys and girls,
I was just wondering if the new KH frame will be able to hold a profile hub/crank set. I am intending to update my Muni- replace the frame- which is a heavy absolutely chunkeriffic frame with very little clearance- (with a KH 05 one) and my rim for a KH freeride one. Also i have heard that the KH frames do not fit the 24x3 gazz (only the duro) is this true?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

yep, you can put a profile hub in an 05 KH frame, but you need the brearing adapters on Youll have to look at all the hub parts or bearing parts and youl find it.

and yes a Gazz fits in an 05 KH frame, where’d you hear a crazy thing like the tire not fitting in a Kh frame?

ive been working on puting these website things up so see if this one will work

but it might not

If this dont work then go to bearings, then adapters on

now that we are talking about profile hubs and stuff, since you have one do you have to put your cranks on with a press or hammer? or do they just slide on in with ease? How about taking them off do you have to get some kind of puller? i been hearing crap like that, is it true?


why do you need a hammer?whats different about it than the 05 KH hubs?

cuz those cranks just slide in

I’ve got a 3 or 4 y.o. profile crankset. I broke one of the cranks on it and got just that one replaced. The old crank i could get on and pull off just by hand. The new crank i had to hammer on. It was really tight! I actually put a small piece of wood between the hammer and crank so i didnt dent up the crank by hammering it directly. If you have the option of pressing it, go for that over hammering.

There are actual tools for extracting stuborn profiles.

I guess those bad boys just loosen up a bit over time.

note i use anti-seize on my splines. So its wasnt a matter of poor lubrication. :slight_smile:

I can put ym left crank by hand and my right one I need a hammer… I dont know why tho. But why does that mather ?

thanks, i was just wondering because my 05 KH cranks slip on easily by hand and id thought the profiles would be the same, and i didn’t want to have a bunch of tools and such to get my cranks on and off.

P.S. where can i see these crank pulling tools u talked about?

There are 2 or 3 different batches, the first batch fit the gazz, then there was one set where the frame was lower and the gazz didn’t fit. I think the new ones being made fit the Gazz you should just call whoever you are buying it from to find out. This is just what I rember, I could be wrong

thanks a heaps everyone-
Profiles that have been ridden allot seem to be easier to take off and put on the axle. New ones i have put on using a mallet and a piece of wood to stop adverse marking on the cranks.

I got one of the batches (of frames) that was too small for a Gaz, which is okay since I run a Duro anyhow. Be warned that the shimmed Profile crans don´t perfectly fit the KH 24, and since the KH crank set (the new, splined one) is so good, if you can afford 300 buck for the wheelset, go with the KH, for which the frame was made. Otherwise the tire will never run exactly true which makes setting up a brake problematic.


are you wanting to get an 05 or 06 KH frame?

The 05. I have not heard anything about the 06 frame, or when abouts it is even comming out. I might buy an 05 frame when the 06 comes out because then the cost will go down (unless of course the new frame is clearly superior to the last model)