KH Pro weight vs. Wilder?

I am curious. Why does teh KH pro muni weigh the same as the Wilder muni? The Kh frame is 1.2lbs heavier, and it has a brake, while the wilder doesn’t. Is this a typo, or is it really the same? If it is the right weight, that’s amazing…

dude, Kris Holm’s name subtracts like 3 pounds. I thought everybody knew that.

The weights in the catalog are not accurate. Don’t base anything off those weights.

It is difficult to compare weights because few people have taken accurate measurements. And even when accurate measurements are made, there is problems with having custom equipment so you’re never comparing apples to apples. For example, someone might have a CF seat on a tricked out KH. Is it fair to compare that to a stock Wilder? That’s not really fair. To be fair, both unicycles should be decked out similarly. Otherwise you end up comparing the difference in weight of a KH saddle with a CF air saddle by Scot Wallis , the weight of a heavyweight DH tube with a lightweight standard tube, etc. Weights by themselves are not very descriptive unless you also know the components that were on the uni at the time it was weighed.

I posted the exact same question a while back in this thread and came up with no real answer apart from it being impossible for them to weigh the same. I’m pretty sure I emailed recommending an update but they changed some of the description of the Wilder but not the weight. They must have updated something other than the weight recently because the cost of a KH pro has gone up heaps.

True John the weights are not accurate- but you know that they are descriptive and are weighed with standard components. Just because they are not accurate doesn’t mean that’s OK either. Like I have said on the other thread, the KH Pro and Wilder 6160c both have Nokian Gazzaloddi tires, Sun Doublewide rims, 36 spoke Kovachi built wheels laced on Profile/Poznanter hubs, Primo tenderiser pedals, and have KH saddles. The only major differences are the frame- Wilder or KH, and the brake- absent or present. It is not physically possible for the two unicycles to weigh the same if most components are the same and the Wilder frame weighs less. I think it is inexcusable for them to misrepresent the weight of a unicycle that costs a small fortune, considering the small amount of time it would take to weigh it accurately. Time to update your site!

After buying the Wilder 6160c (which is now in the hands of theives) I almost kicked myself when I saw the weight of the KH Pro. I had thought I was getting the lightest meanest MUni out there, but I could have had a magical brake that weighs nothing. I soon changed my mind and decided the website was wrong and I had picked the best/lightest one.

I just noticed another error- the Wilder description contradicts itself in claiming that it comes with a Torker black saddle with front lift handle, then lists it as having a KH Velo saddle. Fire the proofreader!

One last thing- don’t believe when they say “We recommend 170-mm crank arms on most unicycles with a 24 x 3.0 tire.” Make up your own mind on crank arm length as 170mm might be way too long. Best to try them out on someone elses unicycle first if possible.

way to be on the ball Rowan, i was just thinking of your thread when i read the title to this one. i cant belive they still havent changed that. there are lots of other things that still go unchanged aswell. unexceptable!

i have a theory about why things dont get updated in that respect or in unicycle sites or circles, including this one. its that 96% percent of unicyclists are a bunch of ninnys who are afraid to raise issues, make suggestions or offer healthy criticism because the fear of being b-rated by the legions of butt kissing gas bag unicycle riding chauvinists who cant listen to anything suggesting change is just to much pressure. So without the squeaky wheels there just isnt much oil.

I just wanted to throw in that I called a couple days ago to add an item to an order I had made the previous day. The item was the GB4 Miyata Handle reinforcement plate. While I was looking at the site, I noticed that the description for the plate said it is for the Miyata and Torker DX saddle. I realized that the description should have said Miyata and Torker LX saddle. So while I was talking to Amy, I informed her of the mistake on the site. She confirmed that it was in fact wrong, and threw in the plate for free. Not 10 minutes later, I checked the site and it had been corrected.

This post has no real point other then to show that was willing to change information on their site once and I’m sure they would change it again if asked. I know others have asked, but it’s possible that they forgot. The most helpful thing to do would be for someone who has these unicycles bone stock to weigh them and inform what the correct weight should be.

thats cool but im not sure they will work with the newer LX handles since they have the reinforcment gusset things now right where the plate would go, unlike the miyatas. better call’em again :roll_eyes:

I agree that they are willing to change some things, but why should it be up to us? Why should we purchase two rediculously priced unicycles just to weigh them, when stocks them and should have weighed them properly a long time ago. Surely they could add another $20 to the pricetag to accomodate the wages they have to pay their employees to weigh the unicycles accurately, no one will notice cos the price keeps going up anyway. The easiest someone who has those unicycles bone stock is, as many people who get a top-end unicycle like that will add their own upgrades.

an unrivaled vendor, can charge whatever they want, without the fear of losing customers.

are there any KH owners out there who can justify paying 600$ for a unicycle frame? Does it make you a better rider? can you jump higher? bigger drops? That is insane. How many people need a foot rest for trials, or a hydraulic brake? here’s a secret(looking both ways to make sure that no one else is listening), when you stop pedaling, the wheel will also stop.

My 4130 bike trials frame was 475$. Tolerances on a bike frame are much higher and more numerous on a bike (8tubes, 5gussets, machined dropouts, machined chainstay yoke, brake mounts, brake line guides, bottom bracket, bashplate mount) than a uni (3tubes, machined crown, machined bearing housings, brake mounts). No, the bike frame is not mass produced, like some big name bike companies. I understand that there is much less demand for unicycles, but 600$?

How expensive do frames have to get before people realize that the frame is one of the least important components of a good unicycle.


For what it’s worth, I had a Wilder in my hands at one point last year (I do not own one) and I had it weighed on a digital scale at the local UPS store. It weighed 1.46lbs. I have a KH taiwan frame and that weighed 2.2 lbs. Probably very close to the KH Pro. I weighed it just for the hell of it, all the talk had me curious. Both included the lower bearing clamps and screws.
If it meant much to me I guess I’d own a Wilder, since it doesn’t… I don’t.

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I’ve just been looking at and I noticed they have updated the page for the Wilder 6160c but the KH Pro still seems to be the same apart from the increase in price. The Wilder 6160c now comes with an Alex DX32 rim, which makes sense because if you have an aluminium frame to save weight you may as well have a light but strong rim. The weight still reads 15 pounds, and the price did not decrease (but it didn’t increase either since I last looked).

This discussion is not needed so much any more because the new KH unicycles seem to embody good qualities from both of these models. They have the brakes and the weight savings of aluminium. Only thing they lack is the lifetime warranty that the Profiles have, but that shouldn’t matter unless you’re an extreme crank/hub breaker. Maybe the new KH freeride will have the option of getting Profiles for those people who care more about warranties than weight.

I think now is the perfect time to put this claim to the test. Why don’t we ask a citizen from Iraq who has had his house and unicycle obliterated by one of America’s bombs, whether or not his or her hub was bomb proof. If this is not possible, why not send one over there for testing, surely there are more houses where Osama could be hiding which the unicycle could be placed in for testing purposes.

I am in that category. Being on a limited income, I need to stretch my dollar as far as it will go. Granted, the $150 or so for the KH hub is half the cost of the Profile, but one only needs to break one KH hub and they’ll have to fork out the same money.

The words “lifetime warranty” have such a nice ring to them. It’s a security blanket for the hardcore rider :slight_smile: I realize the unicycling industry is still in its infancy, but I’m disappointed that there aren’t many manufacturers who are willing to put a warranty on their product.

I agree about testing the claim but I don’t think it’s a good idea to encourage any more explosions in Iraq. There are thousands upon thousands of people left homeless as a result of the US military.

There is definitely too much use of this word, “bombproof,” and I’m sure the enterprising explosives artist could make the unicycling community some money in false advertising litigation. Let’s donate a few hubs to our local backwoods militia. They’ve got plenty of explosives and I’m sure they’re dying to blow something up!


i fnd teh abov snetance unexceptabl allso!