Kh pro uni

Why is it that on the kh pro it’s a profile hub and not kh/onza ? Does that mean profile i better ?

That uni is old. When it was made kH/onza hubs where not made. And yah profiles are beter because they come with a lifetime warante. They where also the first “unbeakable” hub/cranks

Heck yes profile hubs are better! there alot stronger.

If my KH/Onza hub breaks I buy a Profile hub.
I just love the look of those AND the lifetime warranty:D

As you say, the uni is old, that’s the reason they have profile instead of kh/onza.
It is hard to say whitch of them is better… the warranty makes them more expensive, that’s a fact.
Some downs on the profiles are that they come in 145mm the shortest, the kh comes in 140…
The profiles have a keyway lot, which have made some problems for some users, especially when it’s not sure that the “lifetime warranty” covers it, because it’s only for the splined parts of the hub, and the cranks…
The KH on the other hand, has the same splines on the whole length of the axle, and the hub body is as securely fitted as the cranks are!
The KH has a stiffer aluminium body on the hub, the stiffer flanges makes more support to the wheel…
The Profiles body is of steel, a material use for many things, but not as stiff as i would want a hub to be…

I can’t guarantee that all of the statements above are correct, but they are not far from the truth.
And i won’t have a debate over it.

And the fact that is was the first unbreakable crankset, and havent been updated for a long period of time… probably tells you that it could be a bit outdated rather than that it’s the best and so on.

/ Tomas

Edit: If i break any of my KH/onza cranksets, i will have to think a bit more of my technique…

You do like giving certain answers don’t you. Simple answer here is that they have similar stengths and this has been proved in the market place. The difference is that the cranks and hub body have a lifetime guarantee. Profile do do an extra strong version of the longer cranks and this one is stronger.


The Kh/Onza’s are not keywayed so that makes them stronger, and the cranks themselves are about the same strength. The KHs can have cranks as short as 127mm, which is what I’ve currently got on my trials and its much better than 140s, I’ve got so much speed now. I’ve also got some seriously strong DDG Driver 170mm cranks that fit on the Onza splines which are probably stronger than the beefier profiles. Its a pick & mix situation, you either pay more and get the warranty, but the profiles will break more. Or you get the Onzas, cheaper and will break less, but costs when it does…


whats the keyway everyone talks about?

Koxx :slight_smile:

^did you even read the thread. please do nextime befor posting. ans a key way is a notch in the hub the axel fits into

More specifically, the keyway is a slot along the axle, there is a matching one machined to the inside of the hub and a long thing metal bar, the ‘key’, which sits half in each slot and locks the two together. Also know as a Woodruff key, although Woodruffs are usually shorter than the ones ued in unicycles, and are commonly used for afixing pulleys and sprockets to crankshafts for example.

I have a KH Pro. :smiley:

Back in the old days a Profile hub and a KH (it wasn’t called the Pro back then) or a Hunter frame were about the only quality options available for a bomb proof muni. And they were expensive back then too. $1500 or more for a good muni was typical back then. There were no cheaper options from China or Taiwan. The KH Pro frame is hand made in Canada by workers who enjoy being paid more than their Taiwanese counterparts. You pay for that hand made love.

You kids are spoiled now being able to get equal or better unicycles for 1/3 the cost. If I was buying a unicycle now I’d get the new aluminum KH with the KH hub. No need to spend an extra $1000.

The KH Pro frame is designed for 40mm bearings. The KH hub is designed for 42 mm bearings. You won’t be able to fit a KH hub in a KH Pro frame unless you get the magic Torker bearings that seem to be hard to get.

Profile is a respected name and you pay for that name. Don’t automatically assume that the Profile is stronger just because of the warranty and the name. The Onza/KH hub and cranks are very likely as strong or stronger than the standard Profile hub and cranks. Profile does have an option for DJ (Dirt Jumper) cranks that are thicker and heavier and stronger. If you’re capable of bending muni cranks then a Profile hub with DJ cranks might be the best option for you.

well I do ride on profiles and I did choose them over kh/onza for the life warenty… well then why dont they change that uni ? I seriously think it is the dumbest trials uni in the whole world… who need a break for trials ?

got 3 pair myself…VICTORY!

The old KH Pro trials frames didn’t have the brake mount. That’s something new for the last batch of KH Pro frames. You don’t need to put a brake on it. You could get it without the brake. It’s just an option for those who might want to experiment.

You could also ask for the KH Pro muni or trials to be as a frame only or built with a KH hub with the magic Torker bearings. will put it together the way you want it. At this point they would probably be relieved to sell the remaining KH Pro frames. I’m guessing that once these KH Pro frames are sold that there won’t be any more made. It looks like the KH Pro muni frame has been sold out (I don’t see it in the catalog). I wonder who got the last one?

or those pro frames better then the new alluminum ones ?

Not sure there are too many people that can answer that one, since once you own a KH Pro, there is little reason to buy a new muni, and those that have started with the new KH aluminum frames would hardly pay 3X that amount to go back in time.

Very few people own both frames. One who does is KH himself, who seems to be riding the aluminum one these days.

PS: does it really matter?

Better is all relative. There is no clear definition of better in this sense.

The KH Pro frames are steel. They’ll likely stand up to more abuse and more long term use than the aluminum frames. The aluminum frames are lighter and the new design and shape has some advantages. Steel frames can be repaired or still used if dented or bent. Aluminum frames are pretty much done for if they’re ever dented or bent. Aluminum welds tend to fatigue and crack before steel welds will, but steel welds can rust and end up failing due to corrosion. But you could buy two of the aluminum frames for less than the cost of one of the KH Pro frames. So does it really matter that the steel frame may last twice as long? And how likely is it that a frame may wear out from lots of use before you’re ready to get a new uni with new goodies on it?

The market for the KH Pro frames at this time is limited to those willing to pay for a handmade frame or willing to pay a premium for the old design. The KH Pro frames are well made. Good smooth welds, nice tubing, nice bearing holders, etc.