KH pro series 24" Muni

why are these so much? id guess there better than a new KH 24" freeride but r they? Are they stronger or sumpthin? Better parts in them? seems like everyone on here is crazy bout the KH 24 freeride.

Re: KH pro series 24" Muni

The KH Pro frame is made by hand in small quantities in Canada by people who have a higher standard of living than the factory workers in Taiwan.

The KH Pro frames aren’t significantly better than the Taiwan made KH steel frames. The welding is better. The design and height of the crown is a little different. The bearing holders are different. The older KH Pro frames fit a 1-5/8" bearing and the newer KH Pro frames fit a 40 mm bearing. The KH Pro frames are designed for the Profile hub and Profile bearings. The KH Pro frame will not fit the KH hubs that take a 42 mm OD bearing unless you get a custom bearing (like the oddball bearing size available for the Torker DX).

When the KH Pro frame first came out it was one of the few good muni frames available. There were no good mass produced frames from Taiwan. It was a different market back then. Good munis were a lot more expensive back then.