KH pivotal seat post screw failure

Hey folks,
Today, after approx. 7 years and 4000 km, in the middle of riding - the seat and T-bar got disconneted without any early warning.
I landed on my feet and I’m ok.
Now, I wonder how I can pull out the broken half screw from the seat post and the other half from the seat itself - if possible, in order to replace it with a new screw.
I’d appreciate any idea you may have.

Thanks a lot…! :pray:t3:

Sorry I can’t resist such a setup - Surprised someone hasn’t said you’ve arrived at a pivotal moment or you’re screwed! Do we get points on this forum for being snarky?

That is a bummer it failed without warning but what would the warning be? I’m like you though - instead of periodically replacing critical points I wait for some sign that failure is imminent.

I know there is a tool called an easy out for broken off stuff but I have never used one. The other option that I would probably try is a good drill bit a little smaller than the screw size - drill into both broken off pieces and they will disintegrate into pieces and fall out - or pick the pieces out once you annihilate them with the drill - being careful not to nick your threads.

Looks like a nice rig but a bummer that the design engineer based the overall strength on a single point. Redundancy needs to be built in to all things safety related (imho).

For removal from the seat post you may be able to make a small cut in the top of the broken screw (with a Dremel or similar multi-tool) and make it fit a flat head screwdriver.
I don’t know about the seat but I would assume that you can just put pressure from the bottom and then the screw will be released through the top.

@ZenArcher , LOL!!!
English isn’t my native language, but now I suddenly realize how it may sound :rofl:
I totally agree with you regarding replacing such critical part periodically and not waiting 7 years and 4K km…
I actually made a try to pull out the screw from the seat when I first got it, in order to take it to a shop buy an identical spare one; but I couldn’t figure out how to pull it out.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the tips, I will definitely use them.

@Hammer , thanks a lot for the tips :pray:t3:

I think a bunch of those hollow bolts have broken - I would replace it with a solid one, preferably some high grade steel.

Also there’s apparently a retaining plate that prevents you from easily removing the bolt from the saddle.

Here’s a link to a forum thread that talks about it.


i would tap a thread into it so you can screw a standard hex head bolt into new thread with glue something like araldite , let it set overnight then hopefully you can unscrew it.

@MrImpossible , that’s amazing!
Thanks for the info :pray:t3:

Thanks @m00ms , it sounds like a good idea :+1:

Not a problem just keep us “posted” on how you get on.

Call me naive but I I have never seen a hollow bolt in all of my years. No wonder it snapped. How much weight could you possibly save buy using hollow bolts?

I have a doubt, on the pivotal seatposts sold recently, is the screw still hollow or is it solid? @bouin-bouin

I would not like this screw to break at 20+ mph

Solid I guess but I don’t remember when this upgrade was introduced by KH @danger_uni

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The first batch of saddles was produced with hollow bolts - which remain the standard for BMX saddles, but we switched to solid from that point onwards. That was a few years ago now. I would prefer that the bolt was easier to get out, but it is a patented standard (not my patent). It is a rare issue and I have not personally broken a pivotal bolt. However, I did hear from one rider who drilled and milled through the opening in the saddle cover to remove the aluminium sheet base in the area over the screw head to be able to remove it. The screw is a M10X55 hexagonal socket pan head and should not be difficult to find.


Hey folks,
Just wanted to give you a quick update:
I couldn’t remove the bolt from the post - it seemed to have been “merged” with the thread itself…
As for the removal of the bolt from the seat, it was obviously not designed to be replaced and while trying to pull it out, the foam had been damaged.
It felt to me like a one time product; and that was disappointing.
I have used KH products for almost 10 years now and never had faced such malfunction, which is quite awesome; but still, this case changed my opinion about the quality and design of the KH brand products.