KH percussion leg armor sizing


i have just bought a pair of KH percussion leg armor pieces. Since i did not have the opportunity to try different sizes i used the sizing guide on the KH website. Based on the length between my ankle joint to the middle of my knee i needed the xxl size.

Today i got a big box through the mail and now i am trying them on. When fitting the armor i noticed that the elastic bands with the velcro fit loosely when fitting as tight as possible and the armor can easily rotate around my leg. I can solve this by crossing two of the three lower leg straps but i am in doubt about the proper fit.

Does anyone have this type of armor and rides with the lower leg tightly secured?

Is the material around the knee getting more flexible?

thanks for any comments :o

For me it was about the same when I first got mine (I think I have the XLs and I’m 185cm). Basically, for me the length was right but the straps were all way too long. I guess my legs are pretty skinny, particularly the knee/thigh (my calves are comparatively larger in diameter). However, for the most part they stay pretty much in place as they rest on my shoe so they can’t realy slide down. Over the past 2 years or so the straps got even looser and I have “solved” this by putting knots in the straps.

I’ve never really had mine twist as it sounds like yours do, but as I’ve got the lower straps relatively tight by shortening, sometimes mine stick like a V or like wings just around the knee b/c the knee pocket is just way too big.

So basically, yes, mine are loose too, particularly around the kneecaps, and I often think I would like them to fit more tightly, but in reality I rarely have to reposition them and in crashes they have always been in the right place. I would say that’s the most important: do they stay in place for a fall?

I can’t remember mine being overly stiff, but I think it’s fine.

Anyway, not sure if that helps, as there’s no way to tell just how loose yours are.

Hi janvanhulzen.
It sounds as if you’ve chosen too big a size. :roll_eyes:
If you purchased them from UDC you may well be able to swap them for a different size…
Crossing the straps is probably not a good idea in case they ping loose. I have mine done up nice and secure and I have not noticed that the guards get any more flexible with time.

Look on the bright side though, if you live somewhere with lots of snow, they’ll fit over your snow trousers :slight_smile:

I cross straps on mine to keep them from coming loose, and on my elbow pads because they’re too stretched. Works fine.

Thanks for the advice, i guess you are right. I found this slightly different sizing guide

Using these measurements the correct sizing seems to be either xl or xxl depending on which size is most important.

Make sure the bottoms don’t poke you in the front of your ankles.

Aye, I was going to mention that but didn’t know how to word it …I have marks there from where my guards slide down. They’re like scorch marks. I have to do the velcro up real tight across my knees to stop this but sometimes it slides down. Wearing boots helps I guess.

And reasonably thick socks, and ankling, but best is proper fit. I have padding taped to the edges of mine there, they being a little long.

i could not wait and tried them out although its around midnight here. I did not take a nose dive to really test them cycling is with them on is really comfortable, even better then using only skate type knee protection. So although i look like a teutonic knight i think i will keep them.

thanks for the comments

I am 196 cm tall and I have the xxl’s and the straps are way too long. I shortened the straps by sewing in a loop. I think my calves are average size. For me, I wish the kneepads were longer. They slide down and hit the top of my shoes, and I wear high-topped shoes.

So thats not only a problem of my ixs hammer shinguards. I also had to sew in loops …

I’d have tried folding the strap and wrapping tape around the fold.