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Do you still have the 26 inch wheelset? Is it standard ISIS so would work with a set of nimbus venture cranks for example?

Hi Muniham,

yes I still have the wheelset. It has standard ISIS hub (Kris Holm Spirit hub). I don´t know if the Venture cranks will fit… I never had them.

Venture will fit any ISIS hub, normallly with 6mm spacers

Thanks for your info Didier.

Yes, thanks for the info as well Didier. I’ve been a bit busy so sorry for the delayed response. Do you have pictures of the 26" wheelset you could post? And what price with shipping to Germany?

I have KH Fusion Zero saddle in very good condition without any damages for sale. Price including shipping cost in Europe: 50€.
The wheelset is still available.

Wheelset is still available.
This is my new offer: Wheelset with one inner tube gratis include shipping in Europe: 100€. 130€ with KH Zero saddle.

I’m interested! You don’t happen to have a pivotal seat post that fit the seat that you can sell to?

Hi jheander,

I have the KH pivotal seatpost for sale, too. Total price (wheelset, seat post, saddle) is 150€ include shipping. Write me your address to milan1983 at gmail dot com and I´ll send you data to bank transfer. Thank you for your interest.

I have for sale Shimano XT brake (back). Price with shipping is 35€.
And the wheelset is still available :slight_smile:

Is it sold?

Tony Black:
What? Wheelset, saddle or brake?

The 26" wheelset is SOLD.

I still have these parts for sale:

Kris Holm Percussion Knee/Shin Guards XL new (40€)
KH Rollo disc (Moment) (10€)
KH adjustable seatpost 27,2mm (130mm) (10€)
Shimano XT brake BR-M785 (rear) (35€)
spokes for 36" wheelset (Nimbus Stealth II with KH Moment or Spirit hub)
KH Zero saddle (45€)
Duro tube 26"x3" (new) (7€)

Fusion euro

Hi, I’d like to buy Fusion Zero. Sending PM now

Hi, I’d like to buy Fusion Zero. Sending PM now