KH or Profiles What do you think?

I finally got a job so I can buy a new hub and crank set yipee!!
I’m just not sure if I should get the KH or the profiles
The profiles are 425, they have a lifetime warranty.
The KH are 250 and don’t have the warranty.
I was just thinking that I only weigh 136 lbs so would the kh withstand some awsome drops I hope to drop about 8 ft as a minimum I would like to go higher but I haven’t really droped anything big because I have bedford hub and lasco cranks.
If I can get away with the kh without haviong to replace them for a while I would prefer that but if not it’s profiles all the way.



personaly i would wait till the new onza hub becomes available, VERY stong and should be pritty cheep! :smiley:

Logans a one eyed chick pea
be careful he’s crazy

waiting for anything in the uni-game is a long one,BEWARE!

if you got the money,Profile is the best right now.

the new Onza hub will be hot,but it is always the case that a Tiawan item like that is not sold least not for awile after they are sold on a “compleate” unicycle for some time.

I spent months saving for a Profile hub and crank set that I probably don’t need…but I have absolutely no regrets. It looks beautiful, the hub’s got a lifetime warranty, and you don’t hear of many Profile sets breaking. I really like knowing that no matter how much riding I do on my Profiles, they’re not going to break because I plan on keeping and riding my muni for many, many years. I reckon go for the Profiles.


Now try to tell me you can resist buying one of these…

profile bits - hub 1.jpg

just a tip

if you do go for the KH, you might want to get the Summit Trials instead of just the hub. It costs the same amount and it comes with the rest of the uni.


Profile Warranty???

I was just wondering, does the warranty only cover them breaking or does it cover them bending as well, I mean, it’s not as fun having a bent pair of cranks and a bent hub.

Also, are there any restrictions as to how you use the unicycle eg. no jumping off 10ft etc… (even though you’d probably break your neck first) :thinking:


Sorry…I made a mistake there. I believe the cranks are covered by the warranty but the hub isn’t. Can someone confirm that? I’ve actually only ever heard of two people breaking Profile cranks and noone breaking the hub. I’m pretty sure it’d cover bent stuff but from what I gather, anything this quality doesn’t bend…it jsut snaps. Is that right? If you want, I’ll get Gary to ring Profile and ask about the warranties. How big are you planning on dropping? :astonished:


i belive it covers the cranks and the axle too.

Yep, cranks and axle, but not the hub shell. My cranks are bent a little. I’m wondering how bent they have to be to warrenty them also.


As I said I only have bedford and lasco so I’ve only done 3’s, so I’m not sure how tough the dropping gets , but I would like to be doing at least 8 footers. SO all of the inners of the hub are guarrantied just not the caseing, is that right mojoe.
WOw so nobody thinks I should get the kh, ok, I guess I’m getting the profiles then. I should have them by the first or s3econd week of sept deppending on when I get paid. I live in Canada so I wouldn’t want to pay for shipping or the exchange rate especially when I live 45 minutes from bedfords shop. WHat do you mean I’m a “one eyed chick pea” I’m gonna get you :angry: :thinking: :angry: :astonished: :angry: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :angry: :frowning: :angry: wabjkgjoreoihpvj’gdfbnvjf bhrfgho nvihriogjklsdncoh nvihehkkjejvkr



About dropping, when do I start using seat out front while dropping, how big should the drop be?


definetely get the profiles if your prepared to pay, i got the KH (darn expensive) very good quality but no warrenty:(
think about it you’ll have the profiles for the rest of your earthly life the amount you spend on them will be negligable in comparison to your whole life income!

i know you’d already made up your mind but i just thought i’d add that final point.

as for seat out front drops i have no idea at what height you should start i suppose it’s your own personal preference.(when you start family jeweling from dropping)


Thanks guys. So Brian, in what way are you Profile cranks bent? I was actually asking BJ what height drops he was planning on doing (as I’d already read that Logan was going to do 8’ish drops).


Thanks a lot all, especially to andrew_carter because now I have a beautiful profile hub as my background. mmmm profiles.


Prifiles sound like the way to go there Logan.


Hey Andrew,

Well I don’t know how high yet, but I want to go more than I’ve been doing. I broke my axle on a 4ft drop but I still landed it easy the first time. I’m thinking of anything from about 5ft+, cause there are lots of really good places at my school to jump off (I live at school so I get the whole place to myself on the weekends and holidays!!). All I want is something that won’t break or bend as often as my uni is right now (I replace something about every 2 weeks)!!! I know that I will be saving money in the long run by buying profiles as well. But I’m still quite interested in what the warranty covers, because they’d have to have some cutoff point about what you can and can’t do, or else they wouldn’t have any money.


BJ :slight_smile:

Re: KH or Profiles What do you think?


So all the “bike” components are covered, but not the one part that’s unique to unicycles? The Poznanter part? Hmmm.

Not that hub shells sound likely to break.

When your balls are no longer shaped like, uh, balls?

It’s all technique. There are no fixed heights unless you weigh and ride exactly the same as the next guy. Nobody does. If you still need to learn to land with the seat in front, and you plan to go higher, you know what you have to do…

I also recommend the Profile. Since you definitely intend to abuse your unicycle, you know you will be pushing its limits. For less intense riding, the Suzue might last you a long time, but not with lots of big drops and big other stuff. Then any regular hub is only going to last a certain amount of time, then it’s back to wheel building school again. Don’t forget to count the price of spokes and nipples when you talk about replacing hubs!

As for the KH/Summit and future Onza hubs, nobody knows yet how they’re going to hold up. They might be fine, but with the Profile you have the warranty.